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Want a bright future? Look for houses for sale in Biloxi MS!

Biloxi MS, perched on the edge of Mississippi River, continues to win the hearts of its residents. Hoping to move to the Biloxi MS? Await the smiling faces and warm hospitality of the community! Even more, there are great houses for sale in Biloxi, MS too!

Some History

The French colonists formed the first settlement in French Louisiana in 1699. It was at Fort Maurepas, the Old Biloxi. “Biloxi” is a transliteration of the French term “Bilocci”. The administrative capital of French Louisiana was moved to Biloxi in 1720. Thereafter, to New Orleans in 1722. Despite the British and Spanish rule afterwards, French characteristics remained dominant in Biloxi. After the takeover of the city by the US in 1811, Biloxi began to grow. It became a summer resort in the 19th century. By early 21st century, the city’s economy was mostly based on seafood and tourism. Also, there is much to learn at the many city’s museums.


Life in Biloxi, MS

Due to being set against a backdrop of stunning white sand beaches, Biloxi MS is perfect for summer. Hence, the city is ideal to enjoy and dip your toes in warm waters. You can have fun on the beaches during the day and unwind at a casino show at night. The city is home to several casinos including Beau Rivage and the Hard Rock Casino. You may go fishing or on a cruise between the coast and Deer Island as well. There are also cruises so you can get up close and personal with magnificent dolphins. You can tour local historical sites too with your family. Popular sites are the City Hall, the Creole Fisherman’s Cottage, and the Redding House. You may catch performances at the Saenger Theater at day or night. Your family can explore seafood delicacies at the many cafes and restaurants.

There are several options for schooling your children. For elementary education, Biloxi Upper Elementary School, Gorenflo Elementary School, Jeff Davis Elementary School, Nichols Elementary, North Bay Elementary School and Popp’s Ferry Elementary School. Furthermore, for high school education, Biloxi High School and Biloxi Junior High School.


Finding Houses for Sale in Biloxi MS

The median income of the city is around $39,000 and the median home value is $147,200. As a result, Biloxi MS is a very affordable. A real estate agent can help find the most suitable houses for sale in Biloxi MS for you. There are other associated costs such as lender, survey and settlement fees. You can get your paperwork ready beforehand so that less time will get wasted. Most noteworthy, current pay stubs, W2s, federal tax returns, bank and asset statements, and your driver’s license copy.


Fisher Homes Real Estate makes it easier to buy the right house in Biloxi MS. So, you can get in touch with Fisher Homes Real Estate to explore houses for sale in Biloxi MS. Pat Marcellus is a retired US Navy and the Broker/Owner of Fisher Homes Real Estate. You can email him at [email protected] or call (228) 861-6631. He will be happy to provide more information on living in Biloxi MS.